London, Jumada II 07, 1436, March 27, 2015, SPA -- Islamic Cultural Center in London organized yesterday the First Forum for Imams and Preachers in Britain in the presence of a gathering of Imams and Preachers from all over the United Kingdom.

In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Center's Director General Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan said that the Forum is organized by the World Supreme Council for Mosques (WSCM) of Muslim World League (MWL), in collaboration with the Islamic Cultural Centre in London.

For his part, Lord Mohammed Sheikh, the member of the British House of Lords emphasized the need for concerted efforts at the official and popular levels in Islamic circles to highlight the true image of Islam, pointing out the importance of holding such forum on a regular basis to discuss issues that may arise.

For his part, Khalid Bankher, the Chairman of the Britain's Committee in WSCM has appreciated its role and services, which include the building of mosques and their maintenance in addition to taking care of Imams.

Bankher also added that the World Supreme Council for Mosques has secured a number of scholarly books for Imams and Preachers to help them performing their duty in giving lessons and lectures.

He said that the Forum's objectives include preparing the imams and preachers in the United Kingdom to do the mosque's message according to regulations of Britain.

For his part, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Makhdoom, the Regional Director for the MWL's Office in London explained that the Forum's sessions are full of urgent and important topics in the interest of everyone, particularly as they are targeting the challenges facing the mosques and imams in Britain in particular and the Western world in general.

-- SPA