MWL Office in Mauritania

Office Director: 
Dr. Teyeb bin Omar
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The League's External Offices are considered the main link between the Secretariat General of the League and Muslims in the respective country that embraces the League's External Office.

At which:

1)      Conduct religious and cultural activities in coordination with the Islamic associations and organizations

2)      The supervision of the League's preachers

3)      Through these Offices, Muslim conditions are usually studied, assistance applications are received for due study and evaluation in collaboration with the Saudi Embassies in the respective countries

4)      Offices usually receive – in the countries where there are no Saudi Embassies- the delegations of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs who head for such countries to grant entry visas to Saudi Arabia to those intending to perform either Hajj or Umrah ; and help facilitate the task of such delegations , organize the whole process in a manner that is comfortable to both parties; the delegation of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and individuals applying for Hajj or Umrah visas

5)      Offices play a significant role in facilitating the tasks of the various Islamic delegations visiting Muslim minority countries via assisting them to complete successfully their mission

Postal Address: 
Bureau de la Ligue Islamique Mondiale
Tevragh Zeina
523 Nouakchott , NO
18° 6' 18.2196" N, 15° 59' 57.0228" W
Nouakchott MR
Geo Location: 
Latitude: 18.105061000000
Longitude: -15.999173000000