MWL Condemns Afghan Limits on Education for Women


The Muslim World League denounced the decision by the Afghan caretaker government to deny Afghan women and girls the right to university education. 

This came in a statement by the General Secretariat of the MWL, in which His Excellency the Secretary General, Chairman of the Organization of Muslim Scholars, denounced the decision, which is in contradiction to the guidance of Islam and the consensus of the scholars of Islamic nations, and violates international and human values by depriving Afghan women and girls of their legitimate right to education. It also deprives the Afghan people of women who are able to contribute to their prosperity and development. 

On behalf of the Muslim World League, its global bodies, councils, and assemblies, Dr. Al-Issa expressed full solidarity with Afghan women and girls and the Afghan people on this important issue. Education is encouraged in Islamic law and that includes everyone, men and women, and no person or party has the right, under any pretext, to exclude women from pursuing their education, or restrict their education to certain educational levels.

On behalf of the scholars of the Islamic nation who are under the umbrella of the Muslim World League, including muftis and senior scholars, Dr. Al-Issa called on the Afghan caretaker government to reverse this decision and take the path of the consensus of Islamic scholars of various sects in this important matter.

Thursday, 22 December 2022 - 20:52