Statement from the Muslim World League:


The Muslim World League condemns in the strongest possible terms the crime of desecrating a copy of the Holy Quran, committed by an extremist in Stockholm, Sweden, in a repeated, disgraceful act that is provocative to the feelings of Muslims.
The MWL denounces these absurd and heinous acts that violate all religious and human norms and principles. Swedish society has recently expressed its clear rejection of these practices, which are, unfortunately, carried out with official approval under the excuse of the practice of freedom of expression. However, these acts harm the civilized and logical concept of freedom, which calls for respecting that which is sacred, and refraining from provoking feelings against it under any pretext. 
The MWL reiterates its warning against the dangers of practices that provoke hatred and outrage religious feelings as they only serve the agendas of extremism.

Friday, 21 July 2023 - 12:11